Friday, October 24, 2008

Slow Down

I am one of the fortunate few who feel fantastic during pregnancy. I don't get morning sickness, I have the energy of a six year old boy, and I can eat anything without aversion. I learned this week, however, that I am not invincible.

Part of me feeling good is a mindset that I can get away with doing anything I did before I was pregnant. My activities are pretty mundane, so I'm safe getting away with trips to the grocery store, story time at the library, Mass, and playgroups. When we closed on our house this week, my energy went into high gear and I haven't slowed down since. This, while not the most dangerous thing I've done, was pretty stupid. I can no longer convince myself that pregnancy won't get the way of my to-do list, nor handicap me from my "can-do" capable attitude.

I've tried to be careful, refraining from lifting boxes and only carrying those things I can fit into a laundry basket, but now my back hurts. I started painting the downstairs of our house last night, and the repetitive motion of the paint roller has left my right hand numb...a less popular but very common ailment in pregnancy known as carpal tunnel syndrome. I thought I could climb up and down stairs endlessly unpacking the car, but I'm so out of breath after one trip that I need to sit down on the floor. Once I'm on the floor my knees buckle under the gravity shift of mid-section and I need to get on all fours in order to stand up.

I'm not complaining, but rather admitting what I should have realized a long time ago, that I should slow down and stop pretending that I can do things that are too difficult for me. Maybe if I had morning sickness from the beginning I wouldn't have these unreasonable expectations. So, expect me on the sidelines from now on, or at least switching from heals to flats.

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