Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nap Revolt

What do you do when your two year old doesn't nap?

He has, up until this week, taken a nap every afternoon...for hours. Sometimes two, sometimes up to four. He doesn't go to bed until 8pm and wakes up by 6:30am, so a nap is necessary for him, and oftentimes is the only opportunity I have all day to get things done. Twice this week he has gone in his crib and not fallen asleep. He cries, sings, yells for me, and does not sleep. After two hours I give up and try to get him to lay on the couch with a movie, but he will have nothing to do with rest.

I find this very confusing since we have a busy life. We're gone nearly every morning to the library, grocery store or errands, and by the time we return home we're both a little cranky and worn out. I'm baffled that the boy isn't ready to sleep after more than a year of taking afternoon naps.

Ho hum. I'll just type away trying to distract myself from the boy who should be sleeping but instead is singing "Baby Beluga" at the top of his lungs.


Anonymous said...

Hayden does that every once in a while. We still put him in his room and he has to stay there for at least 1.5 hours. He can sleep or read books or play with ONE toy. But he has to have quiet time IN HIS ROOM.
Stick to it. He needs the time away from "stimulation"....

Mallory said...

You're right, but it still bugs me that he doesn't sleep. He's napping today without a fight, I just want him to nap everyday until he's six :). But if this starts to be a pattern I'll add some books or soft music to get him sleepy.