Friday, October 11, 2013

Wrapping It Up.

1. I received a great phone call today from the pediatric medical supply company that Martha's tubing supplies come from. Her insurance will now begin covering her Neocate. I was able to get a month's supply from WIC on Monday (I was in a hurry before the funds ran out from the shutdown), and now I can rest easily knowing that from now on (fingers crossed), getting Martha's formula will be as simple as a phone call.

2. I am patiently waiting Luke's arrival home from school. It has been a good week, but I'm looking forward to having him in the house all weekend.

3. I'm bidding on a lot of used toys on ebay for Martha. They light up and make noise, which, with my other children, would have been out of the question. But I see their usefulness with Martha, and I'm excited thinking about how well technology is able to help young children communicate. If she can learn the concept of pushing a button to make sound, then we're set.

4. Looking through my closet, I have exactly one pair of jeans I like. It shows my age, but I really like wide-leg, trouser fit jeans. Do you have any idea how hard those are to find? I won't wear skinny jeans, matchstick jeans, or any other style of jeans that tapers at the leg. I just can't do it. Have I mentioned I'm only few months from turning 30? Are wide leg the new Mom Jeans? I pray not, I dearly love to look like I know what I'm doing.

5. In August I went full-blown Paleo. I felt great, lost a few pounds quickly, and had an enormous amount of energy. Mark was in it with me, too, and I had fun making different pureed soups and spaghetti squash; green smoothies. We fell out of it because we both love bread and potato chips. Ho hum. After a week of carbo-loading lamenting my eldest's stint at school, I feel like the big el crappo. I'm going to try Paleo again, or a modified version of it that includes Oreos, and see if I have a little more energy. We might decide to train for something, too.

Have a great weekend!


Lorrene said...

Yay for Martha's insurance coverage!

I'm sure you enjoyed your oldest home all weekend ;-)

Just put out the word you are looking for light-up electronic toys and I'm sure many will land in your lap for FREE!

Not many women really can do skinny jeans; some that try probably shouldn't. I prefer bootcut, but then I just turned 40 so what do I know?

Good luck on the Paleo-Oreo diet :-)

Erin said...

Mary has just the toy for her friend. You missed our major toy clean out that we do annually in August to prepare for birthdays and Christmas. I know we sent several of that type out.

Mallory said...

I won the lot! I have Martha's birthday and Christmas covered. Erin, the lot includes that toy Claire had with the flowers that sang!!

Lorrene, I hadn't thought to ask for toys. We are so rough on things in our house, unfortunately, and I always feel terrible in case we break something, or it "accidentally" gets thrown down the stairs. In this case, I got 14 toys for a very reasonable price. Next time I'll think to ask!

I caved on the oreos. Feel rotten, so I'm drinking tea now. Ugh.

Erin said...

The chime garden?! That's the best part, the name. We still have ours, though the center flower suffered a few too many throws down the stairs and no longer chimes.