Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Babies and Dolls.

One of the best way to get Martha to smile is to have her look at faces. If she can't have a smiling face to look at while she's awake, a close second is a baby doll face. She gets SO excited to see a doll face and tries so hard to hold the baby doll and bring it close. 

We now have several very small baby dolls for her to play with, but she also especially loves two dolls kept from my childhood.


And Lisa. 

What I hadn't quite expected when I pulled Kimmy and Lisa out of the dusty box they'd be stored in, was that it would be Paul and Michael who would also lay claim. Paul diligently found diapers, and then outfits for each of them, and then a suitable blanket for the chilly weather. 

The remainder of the rainy morning was spent interchanging the baby dolls from swing, to bouncer, back to the rocking chair, and then to the couch for a quick cuddle. 
I know that boys play dolls, and that it's not an incredibly huge deal, but this is the first time I've seen it in our home, with the boys playing together. My Paul has such a beautiful imagination that it's been a gift to watch him lead his little brother in pretend play. 

Hope you're surviving the rain! We threw in a nice, long lunch at a restaurant, too. Hope I don't run out of ideas for the afternoon!

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