Friday, April 6, 2012

Things I Love.

I love bread. Who doesn't love bread?

We leave the house one morning a week for a sizable drive for piano lessons. On this drive, we pass a bakery outlet which happens to have a 10% discount the same day we drive in.

Coincidence? I think not.

Because we eat so much bread, I try my best to buy the healthiest bread I can. My requirements are 1)Whole Grain 2) No enriched/bleach flour 3) No High Fructose Corn Syrup.

My kids eat this healthy bread because it's all they know. I tell you, white bread is something along the lines of chocolate cake around here, especially since it only makes the rare appearance for French Toast or garlic bread.

And so, I love to buy bread in bulk. Often I can buy loaves for only $1.00, and bagel and English muffins as well. The same loaf at the grocery store costs $3.49. Other treasures I've found at our bread outlet include spices, bakery buns, cereal, cookies, and specialty applesauce.

It seems likely that nearly every city should have something similar, and they are definitely worth the time and effort to reach if your family like bread as much as ours does. If you have a deep freezer, freeze the bread and it won't mold or stale.

For years to come, I have a feeling our "Bread Store" expeditions will be a weekly tradition.

Any other discount stores worth noting? Anything I'm missing?


Erin said...

Aitkin Bakery for white kitchen bread for those french toast mornings! It's less than a dollar if you buy un-sliced, which I prefer for french toast anyway, so I can cut it thicker. Plus, they have donuts there with a glob of chocolate pudding in the center. I find that disgusting, but my girls love it.

Mallory said...

Erin! Thank you for ending my "comment drought." Where is everyone? Is this blog getting THAT boring?

Thank you for that suggestion--I think you told me that before. I am hardly ever in the that direction, with the exception of our late night McD's runs, but I maybe other bakeries in the area have the same deals? I like the idea of kitchen bread for french toast/dinner bread.

When I eat white bread I totally crash, which is why I don't keep it around. I love bagels something fierce, but have given them up indefinitely because of how badly I feel after I eat them. Maybe this kitchen bread thing could be the happy medium ;-) .

Erin said...

I haven't finished a bagel since Belle got her first tooth, so I don't have that problem anymore.

"Karen": your shamed #1 Fan said...

I have had good intentions on leaving the following comments:

1. Comment on the bday blog,
2. The fact that each time I've seen Luke in the past month he's been wearing the hat in the piano picture.
3. My favorite Michelle Duggarism: "If I don't have your eyes I don't have your heart."

I just got interrupted and didn't get back again I guess. I didn't even notice the drought! I guess I've failed you as your #1 blog fan.

Lorrene said...

Where is this wonderful bakery outlet? Obviously I don't see it in my weekly travels.

Mallory said...

Lorrene, this is a just a generic picture of a bakery outlet. The one I'm referring to is in East Brnd, right on 210. The "Master" one, on the right, past the Hot 'n Ready ;-) the stoplight. Big Yellow Sign!

Sarah said...

Mallory - Oh, I've been reading, just no time to comment . . . or to respond to that wonderful and encouraging e-mail you sent me!! So so sorry! I will respond soon - promise! But for now, I remember going to the bread store with my Mom each month. We'd stock up and freeze the bread until we needed it. She was amazing at finding great deals. I wish I could take you to her house and just let you look around. She is a genius for all things practical - especially when it comes to raising a family on a budget. Amazing! A Blessed Easter to you and your family. : )