Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hey, Baby.

 So, you all remember Michael, right? My third son who turns ONE YEAR OLD today. 
 I wasn't looking forward to this day, because this year went too fast. This baby grew too quickly, and he's reaching milestones I wasn't ready for. No little one, stay wrapped up in your swaddling blanket. Keep your baby bonnet on. Sit and play no mind to the big boys getting dirty and wrestling on the floor. You are a baby, little sir. 
 And while a mother can't play favorites, I do have to admit, that this little one has been my favorite baby. Who couldn't love a happy-go-lucky baby, content and easy to please. This mama enjoyed this one very much. 
 Dad loves him, too! Our three sons. Is this a dream? Have we really been this blessed?
Has a child ever been so loved? This baby, who gets a cheering squad every morning and after every nap, "Michael's awake! Michael's awake! Yeah!"  
I could search this temporal world my whole life, work tirelessly to achieve, but I challenge anyone who doubts that anything is more important than this.  
 In a word, this boy, this child, this life, all life, always, only, and forever will be good.

Happy Birthday, Michael. 


Sarah said...

It's gone too fast . . . I so enjoyed being pregnant at the same time!! How is it possible that it was a year ago? Remember all the planning? Meal freezing? Uncomfortableness?! Good memories!

I hope one of our next pregnancies is shared. Happy Birthday Michael from your almost birthday buddy Clara and the rest of us!

For the record: your children are beautiful (scratch that) handsome ; )

Abby said...

This is a precious post. What a sweet family you have. :)