Sunday, February 26, 2012

Things I Love/Penance.

I go into writing this post with my head sunk low. There is a little known secret about me that only those who have actually ever lived with me know.

And that is???

I love potato chips. LUUUUV them.

(These are the chips I eat. My favorites. The kids call these "Mom's Chips" when they see them in the store. They are melt-in-your-mouth Amazing.)

I could eat an entire bag right here and now. I would, I could, it's been done. 

When Mark goes on a snack run, he doesn't even ask me what I want. He just knows. And the reason Mark is the one that goes on snack runs, is that I don't buy chips. Ever. If I buy them at the store, I am more than likely going to open them in the car and eat them on the way home. If a bag makes it home, it will be gone the next day.

No kidding.

I have so many stories about eating momentous quantities of junk  food, but I'll spare you. I mean, I eat my fruits and veggies, and I try extra hard to cook healthy foods for my family. But still, there are some guilty pleasures that can't be broken.

I like my coffee, I like my chips. Who doesn't?

I gave up chips for Lent. I've never done this before, and I'm thinking it's pretty courageous. I used to give up pop (diet coke) for Lent, but since I've long broken the habit of drinking pop as an afternoon pick-me-up, I thought pop was too easy.

And, since giving up coffee would be CA-RA-A-ZEE, chips it is.

This is my Lenten Penance. Along with some great reading (which I will share later...) this Lent is bound to improve my spiritual and physical health. ;-) .

Any takers want to share their Lenten penance?


Erin said...

It was so easy for me for so many years. I gave up my snooze button. Now I don't use an alarm clock, and haven't yet found a snooze button on my husband or my children.

You have your chips as your most favorite treat. Justin switches off years between cheese and pop, his two favorites. My problem? My most favorite treats are not things I eat on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. I love apple pie, chocolate chip cookies and donuts. I eat apple pie maybe three times a year, so that's out. Donuts are pretty much an occasional Sunday morning treat, so doesn't work for Lent. Chocolate chip cookies are something I only have if I make, so not hard to give up. I thought that maybe since people tend to like my (Elizabeth's) chocolate chip cookies so much I should commit to baking a batch a week to take to someone, while not eating any myself. Pretty good right? Too bad I thought of it yesterday.

For this year, it's eating after supper. Remind me of my cookie idea next year, okay? Then, don't give up cookies yourself, because you'll be on my list, now that you're practically my neighbor ;-)

Erin said...

Unless one year we decide to give up coffee together. Ha!

Anonymous said...

i love sea salt and vinegar chips the way you love yours...unfortunately for me, i have given this love to my i have to literally hide the bag from all..or i will wake up to my 8 year old eating them out of a ziploc bag...funny it seems but it makes me mad...I LOVE MY CHIPS! we barely get them any more as they are usually over $2.50/ when i do splurge and bring them home, we literally have to count them out by size ad number to insure that we all get our fare share...haha, as i type this it makes me laugh out loud!!

for lent, we are keeping the tv off during the week. we went 3 years with out a tv. but we found we were on the computer (or rather the kids were) on netflix too much, or "family movie night" was just carazy as we all tried to sit around our little we went to a scratch and dent place and got a new tv (old 2010 overstocked so store wanted to get rid of it) ...but how easily it went from family movie night, to being on every night for me and ben, to being on every morning for the since the kids are all so small (and b/c ben travels a lot and it is hard for me to have the tv off on the weekends at times) it is a huge sacrifice for the kids to have it off during the week...and limited on the weekends...

for me it is more doing:
*2.5 miles on elliptical every day with a rosary
*only water to drink besides 1 cup coffee
*no facebook mon-saturday and only on sunday will i update prayers...won't surf on it..i could easily stay on it forever on sunday to "catch up from the week"...i would stay off altogether but figure the prayers are important to keep posting...
*read a book with ben...dave ramsey..i've been avoiding it...not b/c i don't want to do it, but b/c i feel i'd rather read something else..this will be good for us...

i guess more than anything it is more of a complete attitude chance i need as well..working on being positive only, and if i can't be, to keep my mouth shut..thats been the hardest for me...

blessings to you..glad to hear things are coming together nicely at your home!!

Abby said...

I had a little snack sized bag of those last night. Sent me into a chip-frenzy. I ate every last bag of snack sized chips in the cupboard, save the cheetos. Wow. Like butt-ah in the mouth!! :)