Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kitchen Face Lift.

Another weekend brought more projects that were started, and now almost completed with the exception of a few finishing touches. Our kitchen is now largely done, as is our bedroom.

These accomplishments are huge considering that Mark was gone from morning until night on Saturday at a men's retreat, and that my baby has been sicker than anything I've ever experienced for the past week.

Since my bedroom is being used a folding station today for all the laundry I haven't kept up with during our projects, I'll save those photos for a more presentable day.

The kitchen, however, is a work to behold.
This is a photo taken while Mark's grandmother was packing and moving. It always looked immaculately clean and decorated, but here you can at least see our starting point.  
 On our wishlist was 1) New flooring 2) New countertops 3) New backsplash 4) A dishwaster 5) More counterspace 6) New Range
What we were able to do, for a few hundred dollars, was huge. In this space we were able to paint all the walls and cupboards, get used, but updated appliances, a dishwasher and gain more counter space.

This wasn't a remodel, but just some touch ups to update the kitchen and make it more accessible for a family who would be spending a lot of time in here. 

My dad helped tremendously in this space. Projects that seemed insurmountable to Mark and me, were a piece of cake for him. A contractor by trade, he put ceramic tile on the counter tops and back splash, and installed new floors to replace the linoleum. Wow!! 


Abby said...

Looks beautiful!! Those two little (though getting so big!) boys sure add to the beauty of the room, as well. :) Hope your littlest is doing better now!

Mallory said...

Thanks, Abby! The boys ARE getting so big! They are still very sweet though, so I suppose that's okay ;-) .

Baby is doing better--finally. A five-day fever kicked his butt pretty hard, but now he is back to his smiley self.

We are happy to have a working kitchen!