Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Little Victories.

Speaking of projects, since Mondays are reserved for putting away mounds of laundry and digging around in the fridge for what made it through the weekend, we kept things pretty light yesterday.

On my list, however, was getting some toys out of sight and out of reach. It's not that we have too many, or that they have mismatched pieces and are junky. No, I like toys quite a bit.

Toys are going because they aren't being played with. It's a happy amazement to me that the more children you have, the less toys you need. These babes much prefer playing with one another and trying to keep up with the older one than playing with some rattle or a singing nursery-rhyme clock thingy. (Nothing against nursery-rhyme clock thingies.)

Indeed, my ten-month old won't play with any toys, unless you count the remote or my cell phone. Michael is much too consumed with keeping up with his older brothers to pay any mind to the toys sitting on the rug.

Scratch that. There is one thing Michael can play, although it's really more mimicking. And that's "vrooming cars." Complete with sound effects, the baby moves toys and objects around like the big boys. I tried really hard to capture this on my camera, but I couldn't quite capture the humor of Michael "vrooming" around this bottle of Miracle Grow.

(I'm such a good mom, right!!)

We're not big Valentine's Day celebrators around here, but since the kids have so much fun with it, we made brownies for dessert tonight and bought fresh fish for dinner. And since I couldn't make up my mind on rice or pasta, I'm compromising with Orzo and making a risotto. (Have you ever made real risotto? Oh my goodness, the best!) 


Sarah said...

This is how our Little Woman is too! Right down to the vrooming things! She gets right in there to play with the boys. If they close the door to play without her she knocks on it and "yells" so they'll let her in. Don't you love big families?! Can I come over for dinner? It sounds fantastic!

Mallory said...

I bet your little lady is keeping right in step with the big boys! It won't be too long though, I bet, before she's begging one of them to dress her dollies ;-) .

And seriously, I WISH I could have you all over for dinner. Don't remind me of how far away live :( . I mean, we really love butter and cream, but I'd even cook dairy free for you!