Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is Love?

If you've ever read A Severe Mercy, by Sheldon VanAuken, even if you don't remember all of the details, you're left with the understanding that Sheldon loved Davy very much. Describing the type of love they shared for each other he gave the example that love was "a glass of water in the night," meaning that he loved her so much that, if she asked, he would lovingly get out of bed in the night to get her a drink of water.

In our house I would like to propose another example.

This morning we were up early, and to our horror the coffee beans were gone! Quickly falling into a state of despair and hysterics I began to question my ability to get through the day, let alone the hour without my whole beans for the grind-n-brew.

But, never fear, Mark is here! Without so much as a beg, Mark pulled on a sweatshirt and left for Wal-Mart to buy a pound of Seattle's best.

Six-thirty in the morning, jammie pants to Wal-Mart to get coffee for Mal. Now, that's love. We drank the whole pot!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you ran out of coffee!! My back-up beans have back-up beans!


Mallory said...

Okay, in my defense, I usually NEVER run out of anything. We have a year's supply of toothpaste, toilet paper and coffee beans at all times. However, with PJ's less than stellar sleeping habits we've been drinking a few more cups in the morning. We were running low, but Mark's parents picked us up a GIANT bag at Costco and we thought that ours would last until they got back from MT.

It didn't. We ran out :( . Under normal circumstances running out would have been unacceptable, but I have an excuse this time ;) .