Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Everything is okay now. After two weeks waiting, my worst fears turned out to be nothing. It was tough experience, and I'm glad it's over. Hopefully now I'll be able to blog with the best of them. Thank you, family and friends, for all of your support and prayers.



Fuzzy said...

God is good! So glad to hear all is well. I have to admit, my curiousity is getting the better of me, but you are a good blogger and not sharing more than you are comfortable with.

I am saying a prayer of thanks for you!

Mallory said...

It's not any big secret, fuzzy, I just didn't want to blog about all the details. Basically, I had a surgical biopsy to test for cancer. It was very scary, and for two weeks I was a total wreck. I'm so thankful that everything turned out fine and am happy to leave it all behind me and get on with my life! It was a good check, though, to convince me even further about those things I'd hold most dear.