Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Monday was one of the days, a perfect storm of exhaustion, frustration, lack of patience and a full plate of tasks to complete. After breaking our routine and working all weekend, Monday morning was a flurry of laundry catch-up, grocery replenishing and trying to get back into our general daily groove.

It wasn't working. My three year old was not cooperating. Luke, who I admit is quite a good boy and very responsive to our discipline techniques, would have none of my instruction or correction. Whenever he behaves this way I'm always looking for a culprit, "That's not my Luke," I'll say to him, and then rack my brain for a cause to his naughtiness.

I attribute Luke's behavior to these things, and in this order, 1. Lack of attention 2. Lack of Sleep 3. Diet 4. Influence of other children. I'd say he fit the first three requirements quite nicely. To add to the mayhem, I myself was tired and felt that I had significant 'catch-up' to do around the house. A recipe for disaster.

By noon my buttons were pressed, and by six o'clock I truly lost it with him. So what did we do? Took a step back and tried to get back on track. No blogging, no to-do lists, no cartoons, no fruit snacks or boxed macaroni. Now, on Wednesday morning things are going much better. Only time will tell what the day has in store, because now I REALLY have things to do, but I think Mr. Compliant will be a bit more cooperative now that I have my bearings down a little better.

Everyone has bad days, both moms and children. Monday was one of them, Tuesday was one too, but I have hope for today. After all, I'm blogging, right? So something must be going right!


husband said...

is luke still experiencing no. 1 on the list, due to your blogging?

Mallory said...

No. I actually wrote it on Tuesday during naptime but never had the chance to post it. I updated this morning during Mickey. You know as well as me that there's no sense in trying to type much of anything while the kids are awake ;) .

chubby hubby said...