Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life As I Know It

...let there be DSL...

The gods of internet-land welcomed me back today as we began paying a monthly bill for our internet access. Until now I've been blogging on a legal, but unsecured wireless network that our neighbors so ignorantly did not secure until my blog coarsely stopped at the end of June. After whining for a while about having to pay for internet, we finally chalked it up, and low and behold, not only do I have a full signal, I'm legit.

I've so much oversharing to catch up on; medical marvels, 'he said what?!' posts, baby tricks, political tirades, and all the puke, poop, and pee accidents you can handle, Batman. Can you believe Luke is potty-trained without a single blog post about the time he pooped in the garage and tried to convince me that it wasn't poop, but chicken nuggets on the cement floor? Can you believe that my perfect-turned-pretty-fussy-baby-muffin Pablo Jose cannot tolerate even the slightest amout of dairy passed through his mother's milk which means...brace yourself...no ice cream or pizza?

I'll start slowly as not to give you the blah, blah, blahs, so here's a quick catch-up.

~Luke knows the name of the President, and when he hears Obama on the radio, he tells me "Mommy, that's President Obama talking."

~ The movie Robin Hood has become the go-to on rainy days this summer. I love it. It even got me reading some fiction about John Lackland and King Richard. Definitely one of my favorite periods, I have to keep a watch out though, because Luke is starting to sword fight.

~ Paully is the goofiest baby you'll ever see. You can't help but smile when you look at him. He's got puppy-dog eyes and big full cheeks. When he smiles his whole body squiggles and squirms with excitement.

~ Five miles today...in 42 minutes. I technically have ten pounds to go, but most of my clothes fit me. I'm still trying though, there's a number on the scale with my name on it.

~Coffee Mate is my best friend.

~Is it bad to teach your kids Beatles songs?

~I've been thinking a lot lately about homeschooling. Luke is three and we're doing little preschool worksheets at home strictly for fun. A day doesn't go by where I don't think at length about it. More blogs to go...

~Goodbye pink toes, summer will miss you. Welcome mary janes and striped socks, didn't I just pack you away?

~The Angelus has become a daily prayer at lunch time. I love it.

Time to iron while watching TMZ.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh... All is right with the world again, Mallory is back to blogging. NOW I can go have my baby... It just didn't seem right to bring her into a world with no H.H. :-)

husband said...

ahhh, I told the neighbor you have a blog...

Kendall said...

We are SO happy you are back.
Now back to a little middle of the day entertainment!

Fuzzy said...

Yay! I missed reading your blog! So glad you are back to the current technological age, and can write more often! Your boys are just adorable! Congrats on potty-training. Sorry about the dairy allergy. My sister is a pro in that area, in case you needed a kindred spirit!

Mallory said...

Thank you! I'm so glad to be out of the dark ages. I couldn't even sync my iPod! Life is a happier place with new playlists to go along with it.

Sarah said...

Yay! You're back!! The dairy allergy is terrible at first, but then it gets a lot better. You'll find ways to make your old foods taste just as good or better than before!! Trust me :) "SO Delicious Chocolate Velvet" brand soy ice cream is the best!! Even my husband thinks it tastes better than "regular" chocolate ice cream.

Mallory said...

Thanks, Sarah. I love the ice cream suggestion, it's been so hard staying away from it! I might make Mark go out and get the soy kind today. I'd never thought of that.

Now I need an alternative for pizza!

Sarah said...

Pizza . . . that's a tough one especially when you're married to an Italian! We make homemade crust and then add meat on top (sausage, beef, ham) It's really good. At first it sounded weird, but we made a meat pizza and dropped some broccoli on top and then baked it. The flavors with the homemade sauce were great! Okay, I know that sounds bizarre, but it was good! We just found out that Papa John's pizza regular crust (not thin) is dairy free. We got that with hamburger and canadian bacon on top. It was surprisingly good. It takes some time getting used to the new diet. Many restaurants post their "allergen" facts on their websites so that helps.

Hope you're okay (latest blog entry) . . . you're in our prayers!