Monday, October 1, 2012

Passing Thought.

How much easier the day would go if someone else was responsible for the morning diaper change, getting the boys dressed, getting them their juice and feeding them breakfast.

It's not too complicated, but for a variety of reasons (especially the getting dressed part for the younger two), it takes a momentous amount of time to accomplish.

Anyone want to come over between 7 and 9 every morning? I make really good coffee.


Sarah said...

How true it is . . .*sigh*

Erin said...

We turn into a hot mess closer to 4pm, so it's supper I can never seem to pull off without major chaos.

How about I come over, drink your coffee, and complete your morning routine, and you come to my house from 4-6. See? Everyone's happy. Except that there's no one to feed and dress my family in the morning, or prepare supper for yours, details...

Erin said...

Speaking of breakfast, I made your famous, top-secret recipe muffins this morning... ;-)

Mallory said...

Sadly, Erin, we have a hard time getting dinner accomplished, too. Seriously, unless I have dinner cut, primed and ready to go by 3pm, it basically doesn't happen.

If I won the lottery, I would have no qualms about ordering out EVERY NIGHT when I'm pregnant. I don't want anything, nothing sounds good, and I don't want to prepare, cook, and clean it all up. I think I'm in the norm with this nine month rut.

Even though mornings are way too hectic, I am with you that 4pm has to be the hardest hour of the day!

Erin said...

You are so right about meal preparation and pregnancy! I think I've gone to the grocery store about twice as frequently these past 7 months. I never buy enough to last because I can never seem to come up with one night's supper, let alone a week. It's like I'm drawing a blank on what I can make, both when I'm at home attempting a list and in the store shopping. It's like I've never cooked before. You're right, everything sounds unappetizing and like way too much work.