Thursday, January 12, 2012

While I'm Here.

Hey friends,

As I posted before, we are super busy with the closing on our old house, the closing and renovation of our new house, and the day-to-day upkeep with the kids. Life doesn't like to slow down, does it?

I just wanted to pop in quickly and ask all of your prayers for our baby. He is getting tubes put in his ears tomorrow, and while it's not heart surgery, it's still an ordeal for us since he has to go under anesthesia and refrain from nursing for several hours. I'm a little worried about him getting upset about not being able to nurse through the night and morning, which he is accustomed to doing. We just hate to take away what comforts him and puts him to sleep!

The little one can't sleep or hear with all the fluid stuck in his ears, so we are very much looking forward to the results of the procedure. Thank you!!


Abby said...

Oh my! I will certainly say a prayer for your little man. It's hard to believe he's already getting tubes.. a testament to how many ear infections he must have had to this point.. and an added testament to the hours you've spent awake with him, I'm sure! Sending you all much love!

Mallory said...

Thanks, Abby! All is well now. And yes, him and I are especially looking forward to him being less wakeful and being able to hear again! Ears are so exhausting!!

Anonymous said...

mallory! def. will be praying!! when we were in ohio for christmas, we were on my moms computer looking at old videos from when kayla was little..she couldn't say her "r"s...she would say "new yoke" or "butto" (butter)...we had forgotten...she had tubes in her ears b/c of soooo many ear was so hard to do that, but at the same time i didn't want her on antibiotics all the time was "the lesser of the evils" i felt like...anyway, it was like night and day having them!! the doc said so much puss, wax, fluid and gunk came out and they suctioned it all out. on the drive home, she was saying how "loud" everything was! she went from 20% hearing in her ears to 95%....the only downside that has happened with her (and this usually doesn't happen) is that hers after 3 years have not fallen out on their own..the doc isn't too concerned and wants to give them more time to fall out on their own..say a pray for this for her if you big deal to go in and pluck them out, but she was younger when she got them...she doesn't remember as your little man won't..but she will remember this if she has to so she is scared..prayers all around mama!! it will be so nice for him to hear, sleep, and feel better all around!!

Anonymous said...

oh wait..this already is he doing?

Mallory said...

Thanks, Maria! Michael is doing pretty well, although he was pretty uncomfortable through the night with all of the drainage coming out of his ears. You make some great points, and Michael sounds a lot like your little one--unable to hear, and then the huge factor that all of that fluid is REALLY painful!! Luke had tubes, too, so we've been through this before, and at least in the "trauma" department, it doesn't seem that bad ;-) . Getting stitches and teeth cleaned seems to be more traumatic for the kids. I'm hoping that once the drainage stops in the next few days that we'll be back to having our happy baby again! Thank you!!