Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hey, Look At How Cute I am!!!

Blogger-abandonment guilt. Here's a gratuitous shot of my ever-so-drooly, but oh-so-happy baby. Nine months?!?!?!


Theresa said...

adorable! he looks exactly like YOU!

Mallory said...

I know, right? And we thought the FIRST one did!! Seriously, he looks EXACTLY like me as a baby. Except that...he's huge. Seriously, a monster baby. Good for him :)

Thanks, Theresa! I am excited to be hearing your baby news...soon...!?!?

Abby said...

Yes!! Beyond adorable.
And big babies have a super special place in my heart.. (says the mom of a 31 pound 19 month old.)

Mallory said...

Haha! Abby, I will have a three old in two months who is only 25lbs. You must have biceps of steel!

Michael is in 18 month clothing at 9 months, so I expect him to pass his next bigger brother in no time!