Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Rocky Road to Dublin

Am I the only one who really, really loved Sherlock Holmes?

I loved it. The musical score is on my iPod, my text message notification is The Rocky Road to Dublin (the song in the video), and I am genuinely looking forward to the sequel, which comes out on December 16th. 

I may, or may not, like the movie based solely upon the leading actor, Robert Downey, Jr. The jury's still out, but I might have been the only one that saw Iron Man 2 in the theater, and Robert Downey, Jr. seems to be the common denominator. 

Before you write me off for good, I swear my motives are purely innocent, Watson. This is just cool. 

Yeah, cool. 


Anonymous said...

I shall remain anonymous. I will tell you that I am a regular reader AND commenter on your posts. ;-)

After watching Iron Man, I too became a fan. **swoon**

Mallory said...

Ha! I can't believe you're leaving me to hang all by myself...all this "anonymous" business ;-) .

Anonymous said...

My husband loved the Sherlock Holmes movie too but he is more a fan of Guy Richie than Robert Downey Jr. We plan on going to the sequel as soon as it is in Brainderd - maybe we'll see you there!


Mallory said...

We must have similar taste in movies. I like Guy Richie's movies, too. It must be a "heist" thing. I tend to like heist movies.