Tuesday, November 1, 2011


***Attention** **Attention***

We have a LOOSE-TOOTH in our family! The FIRST loose tooth!

Bring on the Halloween candy!


Erin said...

You're killing me, Smalls!

You know I have a phobia about teeth falling out, now I will spend the rest of the day in horror that my days of not dealing with pulling teeth may be numbered (four and half months to be exact...)

Yeah for Luke though!

Mallory said...

I do, too! That and umbilical cords. Can't do it! I do, though, have a few un-squeemish people in the family, and dare I say...Dentists, who I hope will pull their weight when those teeth are hanging by a thread. I WON'T be the one!!

Yes, we have a loose tooth, but I'm not exactly sure what it's lifespan is yet. I've been watching it for a month or more get a bit more crooked, and now it has a very distinct wiggle to it. I'm not sure if it has days or weeks left, but this is serious "big kid" territory. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

ha..you have a loose tooth over there..here we have a child with a sensitive chest..NOOOOOO!!! oh the joys of parenthood!!

Anonymous said...

That is a fun milestone to reach; we haven't yet but will in the next year!