Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh my.

We were going to be thankful for having a quiet, restful weekend at home. We were going to relax, get some work done, and not pack a suitcase for the first weekend in a long time.

Did it happen?

Not quite.

But, we are still very, very thankful.


Because Luke's grandpa is a surgeon.

Thanks, Poppy!


Theresa said...

okay. what happened?

Mallory said...

He was playing on a metal swingset, and was spinning around on one of the swings when he "bonked" the metal pole.

Blood was EVERYWHERE! But, Luke was really tough :-) . We were proud of him for that, but now we're in a pattern of fun, but foolish craziness. Hmm....

Anonymous said...

I know you were hoping to stay home for at least one weekend....but we were so glad to see you even tho the circumstances weren't the best. Luke was very brave and I was so proud of him:) I have already invited Kolbe to spend one night next week with the boys...he is so excited. Hope the rest of your week is very peaceful, happy and "boring" ♥ Mimi S.

Anonymous said...

So did you just hold something on it for the 2 hour drive to deerwood? wow!!

Anonymous said...

Thats whats so scary about head injuries..there is always so much blood..but luke is so sweet and i think thats cool when boys get "battle scars"..for girls we stress about scars on faces..for boys its "cool"..looking forward to (well, you know not really but not as anxious about it) batmans bumps and bruises..i don't think i'll be quite as paranoid!

Mallory said...

Maria, we were almost 3 hours from Deerwood as a guest at someone's house. Incidentally, the friend's house we were at was not only a police officer, but a first responded and soldier as well, and he had a TRUNK of first aid supplies. He were able to patch him up and then, yes, we drove THREE hours to Deerwood. Our logic was that he'd wait that long in an ER on a weekend anyway.

And yes, boys are a bit crazy, even sweet boys ;-) . This will be Luke's THIRD facial scar. His poor face...

Anonymous said... even more fun would have been had your friend driven WITH SIRENS ON to deerwood!! so glad luke is doing fine though..what a good looking little man! i know leah was so relieved to have your FIL fix ellas finger when she smashed it in the door and skin was hanging all over..yuck! sure beats the er!