Monday, August 15, 2011


Michael is 4 months old! He is the sweetest, chubbiest, most delightful little baby ever. He sucks his thumb, loves his two older brothers, and loves to giggle and be tickled. Indeed, this little one is bound to get spoiled with how much his parents and brothers dote on him. 

And may I add that this one looks A LOT like his oldest brother, Luke, at the same age. Wow!
Luke @4 months


Roxy said...

I just love drooly, shiny chins!

Roxy @ TSKGS

Erin said...

You forgot looooongest!!!

Theresa said...

They do look a lot a like. That picture of Michael, he looks so much like your side of the family. Wow.

Is he proving to be the biggest yet? ;-)

Mallory said...

Luke and Michael look A LOT like I did as a baby. Now as Luke gets older he is starting to look more and more like Mark, so who knows who Michael will end up looking like.

Yes, Michael is HUGE! Luke has always fit true to size for his age (he's five, wears a 5, etc), and Paul is 2 1/2 and wears 18 month clothes still.

Michael, however, is a beast! He's too long and chubby for even 6-9mo clothes and has to wear full 9mo sizes! I'm going to have to end up buying him his very own wardrobe since the sizes and seasons aren't matching up very well with my other boys' clothes.

Anonymous said...

WoW` What a doll!! He looks a lot like you in the first pic, and then BAM just like Luke in the second!! What a sweetheart! Hope you are doing well!!

Abby said...

Uncanny! (p.s. love the pic of you and Mark. ;) It was soooo great to see you!)

Anonymous said...

duh..i just read the captions!

Mallory said...

Thanks everyone, we think he's pretty cute, too :) .

Thanks, Abby, for taking the picture! For once it wasn't me holding the camera! I'll try to return the favor someday :)

Erin, yes longest, and "homebirthiest" That's why he's so sweet after all...(you knew it was coming!)

Maria, thanks! And, yes, the bottom picture is Luke. Luke has bigger eyes and bigger lips, although they still resemble one another a lot. Thinking of YOU!!