Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bicycle! Bicycle!

Have I mentioned that I love riding my new bike? Every morning I wake up and look forward to the first opportunity I have to ride. I'm no expert athlete, but I really enjoy the exercise and the improvement I'm seeing in the distance I can cover. I don't have high hopes or racing dreams, I just love speed and the satisfaction that comes from hard work.

Currently I have found two aspects of cycling that are difficult to get past. First is the seat. As a kid I was on my bike everyday for far longer distances, and yet, every time I sit down on the bike I grimace and hold my breath until I'm pedalling. At this point I'm determined to suck it up and get "conditioned" to the seat, which is biker-lingo for wait until you're sore, calloused, and bike so hard your lower half is numb.

The second oh-so-lovely side effect from extended biking is carpal tunnel. Late in my pregnancy with Luke I began to deal with carpal tunnel. Although not painful, it has been a nuisance. At four months post-partum many of my symptoms went away, but certain activities bring them back full-blast. After biking a few miles my fingers start to tingle, and my hands go numb. I'm constantly slapping my hands on my thighs, clenching my fists and shaking out my hands while biking. It gets really awkward when passerby cars mistake my hand shaking with waving and start to wave back reluctantly while trying to recognize who the heck I am.

So there it is. My butt hurts and I can't feel my hands.

But, I'm having a swell time.

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