Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where, Oh Where!

Where, Oh where do I begin after such a long absence?!

I sit and type from my computer desk for the first time in a long time, and wow, am I thankful. It's strange being without a computer and trying to accomplish everything you once did on a computer to your smart phone. Managing Amazon Subscribe and Save shipments, and trying to scroll through pages of Google Images to see whether if the green caterpillar is a lunar moth or not, have proven quite tedious.

There is so, so much going on here, and the strange thing about not blogging about it, is that for the first several weeks away from the blog, I would register the "bloggable moment" in my head, only to realize that I wouldn't be blogging about said moment. Now, I'm a little stuck, being rusty and all from my absence. Hopefully the creative juices will soon be flowing, along with the small inspirations from life that make up most of this blog.

So, here's a quick recap of what we've been up to.

1) Luke will be six soon, and this is the first summer where I've been able to enroll him in activities that keep us all busy. T-ball, swimming lessons, and piano will be keeping our unairconditioned van nice and toasty these summer months. I wished that I could have enrolled Paul in activities right along with his brother, but he is still too young. He doesn't mind though. The playground at T-ball, and the empty ice rink at swimming lessons are giving him ample room to run free. It's a good arrangement.

2) My children are so very, very overtired. When they aren't swimming, playing T-ball, or running around the playground, they are running around outside. ALL DAY LONG. I keep them inside for as long as I can in the morning, but once they are out, it's the best I can do to feed and water them on the go. Up too early, and  running all day, and it's a recipe for hyperactivity that is a tell-tale sign of exhaustion around here. To remedy,  Mean Mommy is making the children rest all afternoon. Quiet time on beautiful June days sounds brutal, but it's a sanity saver.

3) A couple weeks ago I was able to attend the Minnesota Catholic Home Educators Conference. There was so much there, and so much that I wanted to do that I just had to resign myself to look forward to next years' conference so that I could prepare myself for all that I wanted to see and attend. It was such a "safe" place, and I remarked to a friend that I was in a crowd that I felt so incredibly normal in. I think schools are a great place, but there is something wonderful about being able to share about your children without having someone answer how attending school is the be-all and end-all solution to every problem. Saying, "My child is a wiggle worm," or "My child is a little bit of a cry-baby," or "My child is pretty gifted in this area," is met with actual, tangible solutions instead of the defensive response, "You know, school would really help that."

There is more I will share soon, even some big news. But, now that I am back at blogging, I can stretch things out a bit, right?



"Karen" said...

You see, this is what happens when you don't blog for a month. When you finally get around to it everybody has given up on ever hearing from you again. You don't even get any bites on your "big news" bait. ;-)

Abby said...

I'm biting! I'm hoping a new week will lead to more posting. :) Hooray for Monday..??

Mallory said...

Okay, you're back, too!!! I was thinking everyone was gone and left me for dead.

Post going up this morning. Must have coffee first though. Priorities.

Theresa said...

I checked your blog every day. You haven't lost me. ;-)

Waiting for that next post.
Welcome back!