Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy Bees.

Today marks the start of week #3 at Mark's new job. I can't recall time moving this quickly in a very long while. The days have flown by, with the list of things to do growing exponentially each day. Mark is working hard, with him already have worked into the night, or over the night a few times, and this week marked with two separate depositions that will send him across the state and overnight at the beginning of the week, and six hours away to a separate state and the end of the week. This is different for us! And...what they say about corporate law (as opposed to government law...) is mostly true, we've found. Here we go!

Transitioning back to a familiar area has been the easy part. Of course, I have to get used to having the grocery store more than a half hour away, but I can cope with that. Now on our plate is another thing brewing. We have a house, you see, one that's being rented for the time being. But, along with transition comes change, and more excitement in the air. Sometimes our prayers are answered so definitively that it's difficult for me to imagine how people maneuver through life without prayer. Oh goodness, life isn't dull, is it?

And for today? My boys are building blocks. I'm in cahoots, but that's all right.

(For the record, I'm using the word "cahoots" totally incorrectly, but I like the way it sounds. Understand?)


Theresa said...

more excitement? do tell? please.

Sarah said...

Missed you! Oh, and do tell of this additional good news : )

Anonymous said...

yes...don't leave us hanging!!

Anonymous said...

Time to begin a Novena to St. Joseph:) I miss you guys, but I am thinking about you and praying while I am away. I miss watching the boys playing. They are so sweet. God is so wonderful and so great. He will take care of you. It is so good to have you back home.

God's blessings on you while you are in "cahoots"....I look forward to be surrounded by all our special family and dear friends on Friday while we celebrate Paul's award.

Mimi ♥

Abby said...

Hooray!! I'm so happy you posted again. :) Thinking of you during this super-busy time... can't wait to hear about your upcoming excitement!

Mallory said...

The short story: We are in the process of putting our home on the market and buying another house...!!!!!!!

The long story is for another day :-) .