Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Before I go on.

I have this blogger rule where I intentionally try to keep blog posts about me and my family, and generally try to keep friends and extended family private.

But, in this case I have to break my rule a bit. I can't go on blogging about the Bumbo chair and fruit snacks without acknowledging that sometimes, even though I don't blog about it, life changes around me. There have been times in the past where I have watched a dear friend get married, but the next day I blog about keeping the house clean. Life moves regardless of what I blog about, and most things I choose to keep quiet. 

Last week an elderly family member died after over ninety eight years of life. Days later close friends lost an infant daughter moments after birth. Our family spent Friday and Saturday at two separate funerals, grieving two very different lives, but still powerful in their purpose. 

I struggled these past few days with what I could blog about, but there was no way I could go back to blogging without acknowledging a very significant event in the lives of our families and friends. It changes the life around us, even if it isn't written about here. And these people mean too much to us for me to go about my peanut butter and jelly blog posts without noticing the significance that death and life have.

People close to me are suffering a loss, and before I go on, I have to acknowledge it. And even when I return to blogging about the mundane, my heart is always with my friends and family.



Theresa said...

"And even when I return to blogging about the mundane, my heart is always with my friends and family."

This goes without saying. Blog away, Mallory! PB&J posts, "heavy" posts, whatever. We just like to hear from you even when life isn't peaches and cream......that is what makes it REAL.

Take care.

Abby said...

Amen, sister!
They're always in our hearts.. even when we're talking about diapers. <3

Anonymous said...

its true..we love hearing what you have to is sometimes simple..sometimes crazy (well pretty much always "simply crazy") , but always has moments worth matter how simple or how deep and important..and we'd love to join you in prayer...know that we love you!